Oregon Metal Slitters


Distributors and processors of flat-rolled steel, combining experience with state-of-the-art service.


Serving the needs of NW area manufacturers and fabricators since 1956.


A regionally-focused, locally-owned company with tremendous service capacity.


More than a half-century of specializing in flat-rolled steel helps us help our customers.

OMS History

Oregon Metal Slitters is an Oregon-based corporation founded in 1956. The company was originally located in Portland's industrial district off NW Yeon Avenue. OMS expanded its reach throughout the region, and branched out from its first building on NW Suffolk into a handful of detached warehouse spaces nearby. In 1988 the company's original founder sold OMS to a Japanese trading company, Okura and Co., Ltd.

The late 1990s brought two major changes: relocation and new ownership. To consolidate operations in a single facility rather than multiple buildings scattered around NW Portland, OMS planned a new, larger plant in North Portland's Rivergate area. Soon after construction was completed, Okura (the parent company of OMS) filed for bankruptcy in Japanese court. Okura assets were sold off, including Oregon Metal Slitters which continued to function as an independent entity during this transition.

A Portland-based group won the bidding process, restoring Oregon Metal Slitters to local ownership. Newly located in its Rivergate facility off North Marine Drive, OMS entered its third phase. Since then, the local ownership group has consolidated down to just a single owner, Steven Elorriaga, who is active in the company's daily management and serves as Chairman.

Our most recent phase involves expansions:
2009 - opened our second warehouse off North Marine Drive
2011 - added our first out-of-state warehouse in Spokane Valley, Washington
2012 - expanded main facility to include new 1/2" CTL line
2013 - invested in Aluminum and Stainless Steel inventory and new "clean" CTL line
2014 - purchased additional manufacturing plant in NE Portland
2015 - hired industry veteran Scott Humphries for Outside Sales
2015 - expanded offsite warehouse to allow for greater railroad receiving traffic
2016 - hired several new drivers to complement the purchase of three new tractor-trailers
2017 - hired longtime Northwest regional steel representatives Trevor Thies and Marcie Mahoney

Latest News

Stanley Walker and Karson Kobelin Promoted

Stanley Walker has been promoted to President of OMS, and Karson Kobelin has been named Inside Sales Manager. Congratulations to both!

Welcome Marcie Mahoney to Sales team

Marcie Mahoney brings to OMS a great reputation and over ten years experience specializing in various types of steel in the NW.

Dustin Lathrop Joins Inside Sales

Duston Lathrop has been promoted from Machine Operator to Inside Sales. Welcome to the OMS Sales team, Dustin!

Welcome Salesman Trevor Thies

Trevor Thies joins the family as an Outside Sales rep, bringing to OMS an extensive background in the business, and a family steel industry pedigree stretching back generations. Welcome, Trevor!

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